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Telluride Colorado

Bike Maps

Summer Trail Map

This map shows the terrain within Telluride Ski Resort as well as connecting multi-use and hiking trails leading off the resort. Be familiar with and follow the Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code.

Telluride Ski Resort Summer Trail Map

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Telluride Bike Park Map

Ride smart, crashes can happen on your first lap. Ride the trail multiple times to get familiar with the features and equipment you’re on so you can more confidently increase your skills without exceeding your limits.

Telluride Bike Park Map

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Hiking Trails

Hike smart, find a trail that allows hiking. Note that some of the trails on this map that are open to hikers are also open to bikes in both directions. Please be aware of riders and your surroundings. Please keep dogs on a leash while within the resort boundary. Be respectful and pick up your dog’s waste.

Hiking Trail Map

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Mountain biking involves the risk of serious injury or death. Your knowledge, decisions and actions contribute to your safety and that of others. Know and follow the code. It is your responsibility.


  1. STAY IN CONTROL You’re responsible for avoiding objects and people.
  2. KNOW YOUR LIMITS Ride within your ability. Start small and work your way up.
  3. PROTECT YOURSELF Use an appropriate bike, helmet and protective equipment.
  4. INSPECT AND MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT Know your components and their operation prior to riding.
  5. BE LIFT SMART Know how to load, ride and unload lifts safely. Ask if you need help.
  6. INSPECT THE TRAILS AND FEATURES Conditions change constantly; plan and adjust your riding accordingly.
  7. OBEY SIGNS AND WARNINGS Stay on marked trails only. Keep off closed trails and features. Ride in the direction indicated.
  8. BE VISIBLE Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature, landing or are not visible.
  9. LOOK AND YIELD TO OTHERS Look both ways and yield when entering or crossing a road or trail. When overtaking, use caution and yield to those ahead.
  10. COOPERATE If involved in or witness to an incident, identify yourself to staff.

Mountain biking at Telluride Bike Park.


If you are not completely familiar with your bike and its various components, these checklist items, or if you have any doubt as to your bike’s condition, we highly recommend you check with a qualified bike mechanic for further advice.

  1. Ensure the helmet is in good shape and properly adjusted. Helmets are required to ride on Telluride Ski Resort.
  2. Inspect bike frame for cracks, damaged or dented areas.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient brake pads to stop your bike while descending.
  4. Front and rear axles should be tight.
  5. Headset and stem must be secure with no looseness or play.
  6. Check that your tires are in good condition, with no tears or cuts, including the sidewall.
  7. Handlebar and handle grips must be tight


    FREERIDE TRAILS are often wider than Technical Trails, containing constructed enhanced/modified terrain, obstacles, and features such as jumps, berms, banks, bridges, drops, etc. created from dirt, wood or other materials. Trails may be hand- and/or machine-built and are most commonly designed to be ridden downhill.

    Difficulty Trail Description Length
    Easiest TOMMYKNOCKER Tommyknocker is a freeride trail ideal for novice riders with basic mountain bike skills. Nearly 6 miles of rollers, banked turns, bridges and grin-inducing trail wend through the forest back to the base of the Village Express. Pull-outs and benches along the way offer spots to refuel and take in the amazing vistas of Telluride and the San Juan Mountains. 5.8 mi.
    Easiest GOLD BUG LOOP This trail is currently under construction. Gold Bug is a quick loop near the base of the Village Express, great for warming up before hitting the lift or working on some of your bike skills before setting out on the trail. Be sure to enlist one of our professional Bike Instructors if you are interested in stepping up your skill to the next level. 0.25 mi.
    Intermediate SHIFT BOSS Shift Boss is just over a mile of freeride trail for advanced-intermediate riders. This trail features jumps and snake-like banked turns connecting the top of the Village Express lift to more technical trails on the north side of the Bike Park. All features can be rolled (keeping your tires safely on the dirt), but there is also a lot of opportunity for some air time as you flow into No Brainer for a mix of technical and fast flow back to the base of the Park. 1.1 mi.
    Intermediate ORE HOPPER Ore Hopper is a 3.5 miles of fun for advanced-intermediate riders. This trail boasts too many jumps to count, bridges, and great flowy turns through the woods that will ensure a smile is plastered to your face from top to bottom. 3.5 mi.
    Intermediate ORE HOPPER CONNECTOR Connection between No-Brainer and Ore Hopper. .1 mi.


    CROSS COUNTRY/MULTI USE TRAILS XC courses and trails consist of a mix of rough forest paths and singletrack (also referred to as doubletrack depending on width), maintenance roads, and even paved paths connecting other trails.

    Difficulty Trail Description Length
    Easiest RUSSELL From the intersection of Adams Ranch Road and Russell Drive, this easy one trail begins on the shoulder. The trail continues below Russell Drive onto a dirt surface and connects with the Meadows neighborhood. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1 mi.
    Intermediate BASIN Beginning at San Sophia Station, this trail forks with the Sheridan Trail and continues left, past the snowmaking storage ponds and gate, for six miles on a dirt ski service road. There are 2,240 feet of steep climbs and descents past the top of Lift 5, the bottom of Lift 14, past Lift 12 and down through the ski area to connect with Prospect Trail. Multi-use trail, hikers and vehicles may be encountered. 6 mi.
    Intermediate BIG BILLIE'S Beginning on the south side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village, this refreshing 0.5-mile trail winds down 200 feet and ends at Big Billie’s Apartments in the Meadows neighborhood. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 0.5 mi.
    Intermediate BOULEVARD From Lost Creek Lane near Mountain Village Center, this trail begins on a paved surface and continues to Market Plaza. Once at Market Plaza, the paved trail becomes a natural surface trail and continues west towards Highway 145 and the entrance to the Town of Mountain Village. Watch for signage and pedestrian crossings. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 2.5 mi.
    Intermediate COONSKIN LOOP Beginning and ending at San Sophia Station and with an elevation change of 170 feet, this dirt ski service road is a short loop starting from and returning to San Sophia Station. It crosses over Telluride Trail, Lookout and Milk Run ski trails and serves as bike access for the See Forever Trail. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1.3 mi.
    Intermediate JURRASIC This scenic trail begins on the north side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village and to the left of the Boomerang Trailhead, then follows the ridge west and 300 feet down into the Meadows neighborhood. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1 mi.
    Intermediate MEADOWS Starting in the Meadows neighborhood in Mountain Village, just up the road from where Adams Ranch Road crosses Prospect Creek and half a mile west of Big Billie’s Apartments, this trail drops 200 feet to the Lawson Hill neighborhood and Highway 145. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1 mi.
    Intermediate SHERIDAN This trail begins at San Sophia Station and continues to the right, where the trail forks near the top of Lift 4. It then follows a dirt ski service road to the winding, steep and paved San Joaquin Road, one mile from Mountain Village Boulevard. Vehicles may be encountered. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 2 mi.
    Intermediate VILLAGE From San Sophia Station, this rolling three-mile descent crosses several ski trails with great views to the west while traversing through aspen and spruce-dominated drainages. After crossing Prospect Creek Drive, this trail descends into a creek bottom, crossing the wetland on a boardwalk, and then continues down and connects with the Boulevard Trail, providing access to Market Plaza and Mountain Village Center. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 3 mi.
    Expert BOOMERANG Beginning on the north side of Country Club Drive in Mountain Village and to the right of the Jurassic Trailhead, this steep one mile trail descends through the Uncompahgre National Forest to the Valley Floor below. Expect a 700-foot elevation change. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1 mi.
    Expert PROSPECT This trail begins at San Sophia Station and traverses across numerous ski trails under Lifts 4 and 5 and into Prospect Creek. After crossing Prospect Creek, the trail climbs through dense forest to the top of Lift 10. This trail then continues two ways: either along the upper loop through Prospect Basin or a shortcut past the teepee and the top of Lift 10 before the descent begins to Market Plaza. For a longer hike or bike, Prospect Trail also connects with the Boomerang Trail which leads to Alta Lakes. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 10 mi.
    Expert SEE FOREVER The hiking-only portion of this trail starts 0.2 miles south of San Sophia Station. For bikers, the access point to the See Forever Trail is from San Sophia Station via the Coonskin Loop Trail. Steep and strenuous, this dirt ski service road climbs along the ridgeline 1,710 feet in 2.8 miles to the Wasatch Connection Trailhead. Vehicles may be encountered. With 360 degree views of surrounding mountain ranges and peaks, this trail is often combined with the Wasatch Connection to the Wasatch Trail to form an all-day, 8.3-mile, 3,510-foot steep descent onto Bear Creek Trail, leading into the Town of Telluride. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 2.8 mi.
    Expert Expert WASATCH CONNECTION This steep and rocky trail connects the See Forever Trail to the Wasatch Trail that leads to the Bear Creek Trail. The Wasatch Connection drops off the back side of Gold Hill. Combine these trails for an arduous, day-long adventure. Multi-use trail, hikers may be encountered. 1.4 mi.


    TECHNICAL TRAILS are often relatively narrow and contain features and characteristics found naturally occurring on the area property, its slopes, trails, and terrain. Technical Trails may contain roots, gravel, rocks, logs, water crossings, jumps, drops and other natural characteristics and obstacles found in the natural environment, and may also include some man-made obstacles and bridges. Technical Trails may be designated for one-way or bi-directional travel.

    Difficulty Trail Description Length
    Intermediate NO-BRAINER Moderate slopes featuring a smooth, rolling and curvy trail. Runs from the top of the Bike Park at Station St. Sophia, to the bottom at the Mountain Village Core. 1.5 mi.
    Expert COCOA LOCO Steep slopes featuring tight tree lines and several wooden features. Forks off the T-Bone Trail, reconnecting after 0.1 miles. 0.1 mi.
    Expert GOLD RUSH Steep slopes with multiple trail routes that feature small jumps, drops and rock gardens as you weave through aspen groves. Forks off the No-Brainer Trail 0.3 miles from the Bike Park entrance. 0.75 mi.
    Expert KILLER BEE Advanced Technical Trail spur extending from Gold Rush. A more advanced option with plenty of rocks and steep single-track for those pushing their limits and technical trail lovers. 0.4 mi.
    Expert PAN-COASTER Steep slopes featuring berms and jumps flowing in and out of trees. Begins at the road gap adjacent to the World Cup Trail. 0.5 mi.
    Expert PANIC BAR Another option extending from Gold Rush. A steep rock garden leads to single-track and some jumps before re-connecting with Gold Rush. 0.3 mi.
    Expert T-BONE Moderate slopes with weaving turns through the trees. Forks off from the No-Brainer Trail and reconnects after 0.3 miles. 0.3 mi.
    Expert USB Fun, tight, single-track option connecting World Cup to Pancoaster. Skip the Yurt and Catalina drops and ride to lower Pancoaster before hooking up with No-Brainer on the way back to the bottom of the lift. 0.5 mi.
    Advanced Expert WORLD CUP Very steep slopes. Forks off the Gold Rush Trail 0.4 miles from the Bike Park entrance. 0.75 mi.


    HIKING ONLY TRAILS No biking is permitted on these trails.

    Trail Description Length
    CAMEL'S GARDEN Camel’s Garden trail is a quick intermediate connection between the lower portion of the Bear Creek Trail to the Telluride Trail. This connection crosses a couple creeks and offers hikers a great escape into the solitude of the forest very close to the Town of Telluride. 0.5 mi.
    RIDGE TRAIL Beginning at San Sophia Station, this two mile trail drops 1,000 feet to Mountain Village Center Station and Mountain Village Center. With its valley views and peaceful switchbacks throughout the aspen forest, and benches to rest while taking in the surroundings, this trail is a local favorite. Do watch for a fork in the trail about 0.2 miles below the radio tower as the route to the right is more rocky and steep. 2 mi.
    TELLURIDE TRAIL Accessing this trail from either the Town of Telluride or off Coonskin Loop Trail in the Town of Mountain Village makes no difference: either way it's 2.6-miles of steep, rocky terrain only accessible on foot. This trail follows a dirt ski service road from San Sophia Station 1,800 feet down to the Town of Telluride. Vehicles may be encountered. 2.6 mi.